About Grumpy Gills Fungi

Grumpy Gills Fungi is a group of hobby mycologists with a passion for variety and diversity. Established in 2020, the group began the adventure by putting together a clean lab room to ensure our high quality standards are met and exceeded. All items sold are prepared in front of a laminar flow hood.

Grumpy Gills Fungi aims to facilitate the education of mycology and fungi-specific microscopy through providing water suspended samples, dry samples, pre-prepared slides, photos, resources, and “how-to-use” or “what-to-buy” advice for the home myconerd. Email us for questions regarding any of this at grumpygillsfungi@gmail.com.

About Our Spores

We bring you access to diverse collection where you are sure to find something new. As new varieties are discovered, we will get them in. We work hard to provide you with the cleanest and highest quality samples we can. Our rare or new specimens are collected by professionals all around the world.

We explicitly purchase the spores from trusted traders throughout the globe and redistribute them to the community. Each syringe batch typically contains 2 prints worth of spore per 250ml. Every type of spore shows up differently, so some may look darker or more concentrated than others.

Customer Feedback

“Grumpy Gills is my go to vendor for spores. They ship fast and reward their return customers with surprises. I highly recommend them for mycological study needs. You won’t be disappointed.”

– Matt S.

“We are still very new to this, but we were able to see the astounding differences between your specimens and some popular edible species. Absolutely stunning, great work to all of you at Grumpy Gills.”

– Dale M.

“I appreciate the quality and great customer service you provide. I just had a few people ask me where to get spores in a group I’m in and I sent them to your website. Thanks again for quality spores!”

– Amanda M

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