Exotic Microscopy Swab Kit


Exotic and rare specimens. Quantities of these varieties are limited. Swabbed from prints

2-Pack of Cotton Swabs Per Order

Earn up to 20 Reward Points.


Each purchase comes with a microscope slide and alcohol prep pads. 2-Pack of Cotton Swabs Per Order

Some samples you see for sale at Grumpy Gills have actually been collected from the wild by experts around the globe. We acquire domesticated and wild phenotype spore specimens directly from these collectors to offer to you. Your spore library and microscopy collection will be sure to find something new here. Be the first to examine these premium cubensis and exotic specimens with our included microscope slides. Any spore photographs you see posted by us were taken on an AmScope B120c-e5.

Explicitly intended and sold for microscopy, educational, novelty, and collection purposes.

These cannot be shipped to CA, GA, or ID. No Exceptions.


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Psilocybe Ovoideocystidiata (Virginia), Psilocybe Mexicana “A.”, Psilocybe Mexicana "Jalisco", Psilocybe Galindoi "ATL7", Wild Psilocybe Caerulescens, Psilocybe Natalensis, Psilocybe Tampanensis “Pollock”, Panaelous Cyanescens var. Texas, Panaelous Cyanescens var. Estero, Panaelous Cyanescens var. Jamaica, Panaelous Cyanescens var. Pan River, FL, Panaelous Cyanescens var. Mezcala Jalisco, Panaelous Cyanescens var. Rainbow Eucalyptus, Panaelous Cyanescens var. Nec-D, Panaelous Cyanescens var. PHV, Panaelous Copelandia var. Sandose, Panaelous Bisporus, Psilocybe Carulescens var. South Carolina, Psilocybe Semilanceata var. New Zealand, Psilocybe Subaeruginosa var. Adalaide, Psilocybe Subaeruginosa var. New Zealand, Psilocybe Azurescens, Gymnopilus Luteofolius


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