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Get a vendor’s choice selection at 3 different price levels!

Contains Microscopy Products only – nothing from smoke shop or candy aisle

Earn up to 250 Reward Points.


Get a vendor’s choice spore selection at 3 different price levels!

Why buy mystery? There are so many options that sometimes it can be difficult to choose. Allow us to pick for you!!

A PERFECT opportunity to build your collection.

$25, $50, $100, and $250 Options

Explicitly intended and sold for microscopy, educational, novelty, and collection purposes.

These cannot be shipped to CA, GA, or ID. No Exceptions.

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Box Price Tiers

$25, $50, $100, $250

21 reviews for MYSTERY BOX

  1. Lckdg69 (verified owner)

    TL;DR at bottom
    I found u/grumpygillsfungi on reddit and came here, to their website. Found they sold a “mystery box.” Messaged them on reddit to request a certain variety of spores and they responded saying “sure thing”, they would throw in the kind I requested. Then I placed my order and was able to pay through cashapp, but there was a problem with my card so I sent just the $5 that was in my cashapp account and asked if I could pay the rest on payday. Again, they said “sure, no problem.” 9/19/20 rolls around and I received my package which I wasn’t expecting until sometime the following week. Anyways, I will definitely do business with u/grumpygillsfungi again, hands down. 100/10 for sure.
    Thanks u/grumpygillsfungi.

    TL;DR- Doing business with u/grumpygillsfungi was a good idea. Highly recommended.

  2. Joseph

    I bought the Halloween mystery pack and man I was surprised with what I got it came with creeper, hillbilly, Jedi mind fuck, leucistic GT, and purple mystic. I was very happy with it they all came packaged well and I’d give grumpy gills 20/10.

  3. joe anderson (verified owner)

    I ordered a mystery box and some other supplies. Five stars all the way. Communication was awesome, and shipping was lightning fast. Great job, and much appreciated! Will return soon.

  4. Tara

    Loveeeee! Thank you so much for everything ; I’ve ordered twice and plan on again just waiting for the Christmas mystery box !! Stickers are awesome ; air heads too 🙂 suuuper quick shipping, thanks again. Mush love

  5. J (verified owner)

    Really happy, mystery pack was a great price. Watermelon airhead was an unexpected gem.

  6. CHARLES Talley (verified owner)

    First time buyers. Was very surprised with the speed of the order. And the mystery box was amazing. Will be coming back to study more

  7. joe (verified owner)

    I have ordered two of these now. one at 50 the next at 100. Each time my expectations have been met and exceeded. Plan on ordering another soon! Highly Recommended!

  8. Jeremy Ashton (verified owner)

    I was extremely impressed with how promptly I received the order and with the thoughtfulness that went into the package.

  9. Ryan Nance (verified owner)

    I fund Grumpy Gills on u/Sporetraders and this is the first vendor I’ve shopped with outside of Sporeworks. I couldnt resist the vendor’s choice mystery box at $50 and I was surprised/skeptical of what I received since most were not common sub-varieties I would’ve picked. That’s the coolest part of it I now realize. Definitely going to exhaust they’re 40+ varieties one box at a time. Discreet container arrived within 3 days using regular usps shipping. All items were bubble wrapped and sealed. Fair prices and prompt service. ….and candy.

  10. joe anderson (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered three mystery boxes from Grumpy at this point, as well as a few other products. I have yet to be anything less than totally impressed by the service, shipping speed, quality of product, and overall experience. I would recommend highly to anyone looking for spores or the research supplies they sell. You never know what you’re going to get in the mystery box, but it’s always top-notch, and the variety they offer is incredible.

  11. Robert Ruppel (verified owner)

    Certainly not grumpy after my first experience with grumpy gills. I’ve been a loyal patron to a handful of other world class spore traders for years but after hearing all the hype I wanted to get grumpy, so I furrowed my brow like a caterpillar with hip dysplasia and got real grumpy. Personally, I like to go with the specials vendors offer and hands down have had the best results while getting the most for my dollar. I have found the best “sporetraits” (portraits lol) have always come from when the artist has free reign, so to speak. Went with the mystery box, got a handful of davinci’s delivered in less than 3 days. His selection is impressive and specimen quality is among the best I’ve seen. Literally writing this because I have a second order already queued up and got a follow up email about my order and saw the discount for review verbiage. Great customer service and consumer loyalty building right there certainly can respect that being a fellow small biz owner. For now I’m staying grumpy, and you should too.

  12. Jerod Lanam (verified owner)

    I have nothing but great things to say about this company. I’d been using another vendor for years and decided to give grumpy a try. The price point is amazing, the selection is abundant, the quality and service is on point and my overall experience was great. I will be continuing to bring my business here! Thanks guys.

  13. Nathan Murphy (verified owner)

    I mean… I guess I could keep trying to pick out individuals on my own, and never be able to touch the price of the mystery box….


    I could let:

    TheMan, TheMyth, TheLegend — GrumpyGills do it for me… Unless I specifically know what I am looking for… I will be doing “Mystery Boxes” from here on out!

  14. isidor cerny (verified owner)

    I received very cool items in my bundle and it definitely can’t be beat for $25. Order was delivered one time. Great experience!

  15. Paige Stein (verified owner)

    This website has been amazing! Couldn’t have asked for more! Great deals and high quality product! Would definitely buy again.

  16. Heather Stanton (verified owner)

    Wasn’t sure what to expect with a mystery bag, but it was wayyyyy beyond my best expectations. And there was candy!! Amazing experience with GGF, will definitely be a repeat customer.

  17. Slater Bausher (verified owner)

    Definitely my favorite item in the shop(and on any mushroom shop). Had issues with delivery on ups fault and grumpy sent me a whole new box with fast shipping! BEST EVER

  18. Kelly Morgan (verified owner)

    I ordered the $50 box and couldn’t have been happier! I will definitely be ordering the mystery box again! Absolutely the best value for your money! Thank you for all you and yours do for us. Be safe and well.

  19. JAMES WOOD (verified owner)

    Truly have trouble making choices, I was giddy after learning what mysteries were selected for me. Grumpy will be the only choice so no trouble making a decision because of quality and care. Why be content when can be grumpy?

  20. Caleb Oettle (verified owner)

    Best spores for research i’ve seen yet.

  21. JAMES WOOD (verified owner)

    I can’t escape my aversion to simple choices and that’s the beauty of a connoisseur removing what would otherwise have me second guessing and procrastinating. The security and quality assurance was earned by Grumpy. Leaving praise because it’s deserved.

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