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Our goal is to facilitate the education and spread passion for the mycology & microscopy hobby. There is an endless world of fungi out there. We aim to bring you a larger than average variety list of spores, stickers, and affordability, every time you’d like to order. We are thrilled you chose us for your hobby supplier! We are amazed with the overwhelming support from our customers and we thank you for contributing to our future in the community <3 Feel free to drop us a note in dedicated section during checkout, we love to read them.


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Instructions for Microscopy Use

How to dispense your spore solution:

  1. Clean off an area where you will be using your microscope.
  2. Clean hands and your syringe with 70% alcohol.
  3. Shake well or flick syringe, as spores may settle, uncap and replace with provided needle. CAUTION NEEDLE IS SHARP
  4. Place one drop on clean microscope slide and cover with the provided slide cover.

Spore Swab Instructions:

  1. Slice tip of spore swab in half.
  2. With tweezers tear small sections of the swab apart from center cut line where spores are visible.
  3. Place a drop of water, swab section, and cover on provided microscope slide.

Have a question?

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at before leaving a review so that we can ensure your satisfaction! We will always do what it takes to make sure you are as excited to order from us again as we are to provide you with high-quality, fresh samples.

Can’t find any spores?

Spores are microscopic! Remember? Visibility also depends on spore color and translucency. Some spores shown up and some do not, a lot has to do with the spore prints used in the batches! A thick print will create much more visible clumps (regardless of spore color), while light powdery prints will make spores pretty much always difficult to see with the naked eye. We also use sterile distilled water and a magnetic stirrer to ensure the best homogenization during processing. This allows the spores to be more evenly dispersed throughout the sterile solution. We explicitly purchase the spores from trusted traders throughout the globe and redistribute them to the community. Each syringe batch typically contains 2 prints worth of spore per 250ml.

We always make sure the batches meet or exceed standards of our own, if we wouldn’t want to receive it, we don’t let you. If there is an issue with your sample for the intended microscopy purpose, please reach out at We always use fresh samples in our products; however, unfortunately due to federal regulations, we cannot guarantee the viability of active spores.

Explicit Use Microscopy Statement

Spore samples of any “active” kind are explicitly intended and sold for microscopy use only. Included in your shipment is a microscope slide and cover for this reason! It is illegal to cultivate any “active” – [has potential to contain psilocybin upon maturity] mushroom spores in most of the United States. We do not respond to questions regarding or hinting to cultivation of this spore type and we will ignore your message and block you from accessing our store. Thanks for ensuring that we can keep supplying high-quality microscopy samples!